FALSE Heads cannot wait to kick things off in Kilmarnock.

The trio – Luke Griffiths, Jake Elliot and Barney Nash – promise a riotous affair as they support The Libertines at The Grand Hall on Tuesday.

Charismatic frontman Griffiths said: “The audience can expect loud energy. Scottish crowds are supposed to be mental as well, so it’s going to be fun. The Libs are one of mine and Jake’s favourite bands, so it’s awesome and we’re very grateful to The Libs for having us.

“The Isle of Wight Festival has been my favourite gig so far. It was our first proper festival season and we had a great slot to a packed tent, and it was just a culmination of everything we've worked for. It felt like that anyway.”

The boys, hailed by Iggy Pop as one of his favourite British bands of the moment and declared “the future of rock n’ roll” by ex-Ramones manager Danny Fields, are already a staple sound at the Newsquest Sessions headquarters with track Comfort Consumption having featured on the very first podcast.

Whether it’s rousing a live audience or experimenting in the studio, the band are at ease grabbing opportunities to make music in any way they can.

Griffiths said: “Live, you can lose yourself in everything and once the crowd start responding, it's just exactly what music is meant to be about. Pouring everything out of you and conveying exactly what you're creating to people in the most direct way possible, whilst they lose their sh*t, there's nothing better than that.

“Recording is great too. You spend time in your room, at work, in the rehearsal room putting songs together and you can finally put that down in a studio and if you get it right, which so far our main man Johnny Hucks has, it just washes over you and something you've created in your head is finally something tangible that you can have and listen to and it's like out of your system, sort of.

“You can get similar feelings from both. Playing a great show and the crowd completely engaging gives a similar feeling to when you hear a mix back and it's exactly how you imagined it in your head. I don't prefer one to the other, they're both the only two things I really wanna do in life.”

Of the inspiration behind writing their own material, Griffiths noted: “Depression, happiness, books, other music, religion, love, hate, things that make me laugh, sarcasm, politics. Anything really. A lot of it is sarcastic and me just being bemused about most of the bizarre things that happen in the world on a larger scale and also just in life in general.

“I like picking apart this kind of weird absolutism that has re-emerged in politics from both the left and right. Social media politics and the amount of anger and vitriol people throw at each other over disagreements over certain political/social issues on the internet is just something I find extremely depressing, and we're all guilty of it (even me) so it makes for easy writing.”

The band have an exciting year ahead. As well as a UK tour next month courtesy of This Feeling and Pirate Studios, the lads are flirting with the idea of adventuring to Europe for some shows along with a few other big gigs that have yet to be announced.

Griffiths added: “There’s a few things we're currently in talks about, which if they come off, will be huge for the band. So yeah, exciting times.”

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