INTERNET sensation Roddy Garden took extreme bagpiping to new lengths last Wednesday as he knocked out a march while being launched 50 metres across a Perthshire gorge.

The 49-year-old has previously been filmed playing the pipes whilst zip lining and bungee jumping.

But this time he went one further, flying through the air at a distance half the length of a football pitch.

Garden belted out ‘Scotland The Brave’ as he was launched at high speed across the River Garry from a specially designed platform, pipes strapped to his chest. 

Describing his 15m freefall then arcing swing as ‘awesome’, Roddy is now planning fresh feats of dare-devil chantering, following his super-charged catapult.

“I thought I would be really nervous,” he said. “I’d seen videos of people doing these swings before, but not as high as this one.

“When the platform went back and I was suspended in the air with just my pipes, I realised the distance I was going to be traveling, but I didn’t have time to think too much about it before the crew pulled the chord and I was off across the gorge.

“I had decided beforehand to stick to Scotland The Brave because I didn’t know if I’d be losing the will to live and I wanted my fingers to keep working so I could keep the tune. It was difficult during the freefall. But it was great. Awesome.

“I met someone at the Caol Games recently, who recognised me off the YouTube videos, and he joked that he knew a team of psychiatrists that would like to speak to me! 

“If people are getting a laugh, brilliant. I am up for anything, at least once!”