DEMONSTRATORS are set to face off in Perth this weekend when the Scottish Defence League (SDL) will be met with opposition from anti-fascists.

The SDL says it is organising the protest in the centre of the Fair City after Perth & Kinross Council granted planning permission for a mosque on Jeanfield Road despite traffic worries from locals.

On Sunday, September 10, the right-wing group will be opposed by Unite Against Fascism (UAF), which is encouraging any anti-fascist to join the counter-demo.

Organisers of the anti-fascist demonstration say the SDL is coming in order to “create conflict and violence” and say problems in social housing, cuts to the NHS are “the result of austerity not minority populations”.

The mosque, understood to cost around £1.1million including the land, will see a maximum of 80 to 100 people worshipping, according to information provided to the council by developers Perth Islamic Society.

It will see 11 parking spaces on the 1,600sqm site, which drew five objections from neighbours over traffic and illegal parking worries as Jeanfield Road leads to Perth Royal Infirmary.

Officers considering the planning application, which highlighted the new place of worship would replace an existing mosque on Glasgow Road, explained that “in terms of parking provision within the site, based on the information provided to environmental health in terms of projected worshippers, the proposed on-site parking is adequate and meets requirements set out in the National Roads Development Guide”.

Furthermore, the development is on a major bus route and has good connections to walking and cycling routes “so is considered to be in a sustainable location”.

The maximum capacity of the new place of worship is not outlined in planning documents, but it is understood the society has around 600 members.

However, on its social media channels, the SDL said: “Protest against the 600 capacity [sic.] £1million mega mosque with only 14 [sic.] parking spaces, which will cause parking and traffic chaos and restrict access for emergency vehicles to Perth hospital.

“Local residents are furious that their objections have been ignored, the original planning application was for a [sic.] 80 capacity mosque but the traitor council approved it for 600 in secret behind the local residents backs.”

One commenter, Barry Grant, added under the post: “This line of 'were worried about parking and traffic chaos' needs to go.

“I couldn't give two s***s about the traffic and parking situation.

“I'm worried that my race, nation, country and culture are being eroded in favour of a foreign, culturally incompatible one.

“Drop the bulls**t and tell it how it is. These people and their traditions and practises don't belong here.

“This is not their land, just like the middle east is not ours.

“Even now political correctness still permeates this movement. It needs to stop.”

Organisers of the counter-demo claimed the SLD is going to Perth “to create conflict and violence in our communities” on their events page and added: “Wherever they have appeared racist attacks and intimidation follow.

“We as people who live, work and study in Perth and its surrounding areas oppose their presence.

“We will unite against fascism and we call on all those opposed to racism and fascism to join us in a celebration of diversity, unity and opposition to fascism.

“Perth has a tradition of diversity and welcoming migrants the SDL hate our communities working together and want to divide us.

“Our problems of lack of social housing, cuts to the NHS and low pay are the result of austerity not minority populations.”

Attendees to both demonstrations are set to gather at Perth Railway Station around 1pm on the day.